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Executive Search at Spinnaker

As we turn 20 years old and have been putting together our business plan for the next business year, we have done what so many of us know we should do, but never quite get round to; we’ve been talking to our customers. And we intend to continue doing so, to find out what it is our customers think we do and don’t do, what we’re good at and what we could be better at.

It has been intriguing to find out that even among our long-standing and very loyal customers, there are those who think we only do executive search and those who think we only do middle-management roles, those who think we only do legal and insurance and those who think we only do commercial, but not technical and fleet management …and so on.

So, what could we do better? Well, among other things, getting our message across and that’s what we aim to do this year with a ‘Did You Know?’ campaign.

A brief starter for ten about the executive search service at Spinnaker. Running since the business was set up, the executive search team at Spinnaker has successfully filled assignments around the world for shipowners, law firms, shipmanagers, industry bodies, banks, insurers, mining and commodity groups.

In the last two weeks we have taken on assignments for Chief Executives for clients in London and Hong Kong and are currently running Director-level searches in fleet management, ship registry, operations, and crewing in Canada, Hong Kong, Europe and the Caribbean. If you’re looking for your next board level role in shipping or would like to know more about executive search at Spinnnaker, contact Managing Director Teresa Peacock at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)1702 480142 for a confidential discussion.

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