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DO school leavers make better employees than university graduates? One fifth of UK employers believe they do according to the UK’s largest recruiter Adecco.

Research suggests that universities are failing to prepare young people for the world of work sufficiently and over half of employers believe that university graduates have unrealistic expectations of working life.

Younger employees are also perceived to be less conscientious, while graduates were perceived to be lacking in inter-personal and critical IT, and even basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Blimey! We’re genuinely interested in this issue – so many people go to university nowadays that one is tempted to think that the value of the degree has been watered down (too much supply and all that).  Conversely, it’s almost impossible to get a job without a degree that years ago required no qualifications at all.  Is the requirement for a degree just a lazy way of recruiting?  Are employers missing out on ‘good people’ by slavishly insisting on degrees?  What hope is there for the late starters in life?

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