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maritime vacancies


IN the spirit of talking things up, we were not at all surprised (well, we were really) when a slew of new vacancies landed on the metaphorical doormat (or are they 'virtual' doormats nowadays…?) here at Spinnaker this last week. There really are plenty of vacancies out there, no doubt reflecting the underlying skills shortage and not terribly full pipeline. It’s ironic that many employers take the view that with the economy not exactly booming, there must be lots of people around looking for work and willing to take low offers. Not so, unfortunately. Well, not the ones they’re looking for anyway. In fact, with all the negative sentiment around, some people have become nervous about moving on and are adopting the better-the-devil-you-know attitude that was prevalent in 2009, further limiting the supply of talented people. So, as we quoted last month: "in the new world of work, unemployment is high, yet skills and talent are in short supply."

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