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PHEW! Quite a few this year. What recession? (See, talking the market up. Try it, it’s fun and it might just work.)

Spinnaker were very pleased to sponsor and co-host with Ince & Co the SPNL Christmas knees-up. Around a hundred people turned up to make merry. Quite a few of didn’t look all that young, yours truly included. And, why not? It makes a pleasant change for the oldies to be doing the gatecrashing.

One lucky fellow went home with a Kindle as the winner of the Spinnaker raffle. Spinnaker were also pleased to donate £300 in raffle money to the OSCAR Campaign and in return 60 lucky business card donors subscribed to the OSCAR newsletter. See below to sign up for OSCAR news yourself.

Welcoming the partygoers, Ince & Co senior partner, the very dashing James Wilson, added his might to the discussion of Europe’s parlous financial affairs. There was much talk, he said, of a trillion Euro bailout, but “what on earth does a trillion mean?” Fair question James. I know a trillion Euros wouldn’t fit in my pocket.

A banker friend put it into perspective for him (don’t they always?). A million seconds is 11 days, a billion seconds is 31 years and a trillion seconds is a staggering 31,000 years!  (Or, to put it another way, a trillion Euros is half a banker's bonus!)  So, if we repay a trillion Euro bailout at 1€ per second….?

Why lose sleep. Eat, drink and be merry. And check out the party photos at

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