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Why these people are your heroes

So, I’m always hassling other people to raise money for the OSCAR Campaign. This time it’s my turn to raise money for another cause close to my heart. I work in shipping. So do 1.5 million seafarers. I sit behind a desk and attend nice dinners. They work in the harshest of conditions – exposed to storms, waves the height of office blocks, pirates, arbitrary arrest – away from home months at a time and unable to spend time ashore due to paranoia about terrorism and limited times in port. Loneliness, mental and physical health problems affect, well, loads of them.

And for what? So that we can have our bananas, coffee, energy, bread, computers – in fact 90% of what we consume – manufactured cheaply and shipped cheaply and quickly around the world.

Seafarers are your heroes. You just didn’t know it. The world wouldn’t turn without them.

If you can spare 10p or 20p per mile to sponsor me and the other old men riding 100
miles at the end of July to raise funds for the Sailors Society, to help them give care and support to seafarers around the world …thank you.

Our JustGiving page:

A 3 minute film about the work of the Sailors Society:

The Baltic Exchange Team:

  • Clive Weston, Baltic Exchange
  • Frank Whitcombe, Baltic Exchange
  • Jamie Freeland, AM Nomikos
  • Ash Keyte, AM Nomikos
  • Phil Parry, Spinnaker Global
  • Brett Hosking, Charles Taylor & Co. Limited

Phil Parry, Chairman, Spinnaker Global

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