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PROBABLY not as big as last year.  Tempted as we were to leave it at that, there is more.  Analysis by the Maritime HR Forum reveals that, overall, more people in chartering received a bonus this year than last.  In 2010 a third of people received no bonus at all.  This year, it was a quarter, with a significant increase in the number of people in the dry bulk market getting some kind of bonus this year. 

Once again, tanker folk are looking across at their dry bulk peers with envy.  Only 12% of tanker charterers have taken home a bonus of more than 30% of salary this year compared with more than 4 out of 10 commercial folk in the dry bulk market.  Undoubtedly though, there are fewer super-size bonuses around in 2011.  Those who earned 100+% bonuses last year have for the most part slipped back into the 50-100% bracket and the larger bonuses this year are almost exclusively the preserve of trading / commodity groups and companies that ‘operate’ tonnage rather than traditional owners who are purely chartering out.

The Maritime HR Forum benchmarks salaries, bonuses and total compensation for more than 40 shore-based shipping jobs all over the globe.  For access to the Forum’s data tables, charts and market commentaries, email [email protected] for a membership information pack.

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