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stock money increase


YES, it’s that time of the year again where pay in on the agenda as companies try and work out how much of an increase they give to their staff.  In 2010/11 pay reviews were of the order of 3% in the OECD countries but rather better in the rest of the world; in South America we saw reviews worth 5-7%, 4-5% in Africa, 9% in South Asia and 5-6% in the Far East.  Very few companies froze salaries, compared to 14% in 2010 and 37% in 2009.

Spinnaker and the Maritime HR Forum are currently collating data on 2012 pay reviews.  If you would like an update on what the market’s planning, drop us a line (to [email protected]) with a note of your anticipated pay review budget and plans so far and we’ll send you our findings.

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