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Why Executive Search?

Part of the 'Thoughts from a Female MD' series

For almost 20 years, Spinnaker Global has been providing executive search services to the global shipping industry. I’ve worked in recruitment for three decades, and this kind of recruitment continues to excite me. If you’re not familiar with executive search, informally sometimes referred to as headhunting, it’s research based recruitment, where experienced consultants identify talented people in the market and approach them confidentially about a new opportunity. It’s often with more senior roles (though not exclusively – it works for all levels within a business, especially those difficult-to-fill roles!), as a lot of research time and resource goes into the process.

When it comes to Executive Search in shipping, logistics and renewable energy, we understand how to identify potential. The approach is key: we market-map a sector, understanding every element of the market, and it’s all hands on deck to throw everything at the project. Vacancies tend to get filled at a higher rate with Executive Search, making it a really exciting way to work. It’s also the perfect PR opportunity for your company if you want to make a big splash – as long as it’s not confidential. If it is, our discretion is something we’re incredibly proud of. If you want it low key, it will be 100% low key. However if you want us to shout it from the rooftops… our enormous online network will know about it.

Currently, we’re only a few days into 2017 and our Executive Search business is busier than it has ever been. We have major companies approaching us to handle their top vacancies, and we love doing it. It’s not just filling roles – it’s about a great hire. It’s been such a big part of our work for a long time, we feel confident that it will continue to drive our sales and complete the picture of our entire recruitment business.

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Teresa Peacock, MD, Specialist Recruitment & Executive Search, Spinnaker Global

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