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We've read reports of how bad for you a sedentary lifestyle is. It seems ironic to even discuss sitting down as we are sat on an office chair, dear reader, as we type this.

Sitting down for long periods of time has been linked with a higher risk of obesity, and a study – which really got us up and walking round the office – said that limiting sitting time to just 3 hours a day can add 2 years to your life expectancy!

As you know, doing any activity for too long is bound to have adverse effects on the health; an 8-hour day standing up wouldn't be much fun either. But the health effects of sitting for a working day can be as diverse as circulatory issues, musculoskeletal disorders and stopping your body from absorbing vital nutrients. So what can be done?

We've heard of some companies creating lunchtime walking groups for staff, or encouraging less sedentary activities for their seated staff. Some have a boardroom with no table or chairs, so that staff meetings can remain quick and painless.

How about walking to your colleague's desk instead of emailing or picking up the phone? What about offering to make a round of coffees for your fellow workers? And there's always the old classic of using the stairs instead of the elevator.

It certainly makes us think about how working conditions have changed. How can you make your working day healthier?

On that note, I think we are due for a cup of tea…

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