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container house


We've always noticed the trend for recycling (or 'upcycling') shipping containers into useful things such as greenhouses, or simple yet innovative living spaces. We came across this website that showed a small but beautiful house created in Denmark and made in China.

A quick Google search showed that this is very popular with architects, and alongside the above article, we read that a house has been built in Brooklyn that’s made entirely of shipping containers; apparently New York's first claim to container fame. The proximity of New Jersey and the glut of used containers 'going spare' meant that this house was in a great position. The house has 1400 square feet of space, is fireproof, and cost $300,000 including the land. The owner also claimed that his house was built in just 3 hours.

But there's a flipside to this trendy living. We also read this week that shipping containers are sources of meagre living spaces for the underprivileged of Shangai. It seems in stark contrast with the bespoke, designer living we often read about.

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