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Shipbroker success for Spinnaker

We're incredibly busy at Spinnaker at the moment, not least in our Commercial division. We've successfully recruited 8 shipbrokers for clients in the past 10 days, from trainees to heads of department.

We've been helping shipbroker clients recruit since 1997 and for all those years we have been told by many a broker that there's no need for recruiters in a sector that's 'so word of mouth' and where 'everybody knows everybody'. We've also heard many a principal say there's no need for brokers, and we don't believe that either! You see, we all think we're unique, but the truth is that recruiters, like brokers, earn their living not just by who they know, but what they know.

The market is alive! If you're a broker looking for a broker or a broker looking for a broking job with another broker, give our broker hotline a call. You might know every other broker in the market…but we just might know which ones aren't terribly happy where they are. And, if we had a dollar for every time someone's said to us, "forget Broker Bob, they'll carry him out in a box," well, we could give up recruitment!

If you’d like to know more about our broking opportunities, contact Siobhan Paparcura at [email protected].

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