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Why Partner with a Recruitment Specialist?

Using a recruitment consultant can provide several benefits and advantages when it comes to the hiring process.


We asked Teresa Peacock, Spinnaker’s Managing Director of the Executive Search division for her top reasons why you should use a consultant.

Access to a larger talent pool: Recruitment agencies have extensive networks and databases of qualified candidates. They have access to a broader pool of talent, including passive candidates who may not be actively looking for jobs. This allows companies to tap into a wider range of potential candidates and increases the chances of finding the right fit for their positions.

Time and cost savings: Recruitment agencies handle various aspects of the hiring process, such as sourcing candidates, conducting initial screenings, and scheduling interviews. This saves companies a significant amount of time and effort that would otherwise be spent on these tasks. Additionally, recruitment agencies can help reduce the cost per hire by streamlining the recruitment process and minimising the need for extensive advertising and candidate sourcing.

Expertise and industry knowledge: Recruitment agencies specialise in finding the right candidates for specific industries or job roles. They have a deep understanding of the job market, industry trends, and the skills and qualifications required for different roles. This expertise enables them to effectively assess candidates, identify top talent, and match them with suitable job opportunities. Their industry knowledge can also provide valuable insights and guidance to companies regarding hiring strategies and market conditions.

Salary benchmarking: Recruitment agencies can advise you on the market rates for roles, not only on what people are earning in the market, but also what people are looking for to make a move to another company – the two are very rarely the same figure.

Enhanced candidate screening and evaluation: Recruitment agencies have experience in screening and evaluating candidates. They can conduct thorough background checks, verify qualifications and references, and assess candidates’ skills and cultural fit. This ensures that the candidates presented to the company have already gone through a rigorous screening process, saving the company from potentially hiring underqualified or unsuitable candidates. We also hear what the market or industry is saying about people, good old-fashioned market soundings gives an added dimension to references.

Confidentiality and discretion: In some cases, companies may need to maintain confidentiality during the hiring process, such as when replacing a key executive or when dealing with sensitive information. Recruitment agencies can provide an added layer of confidentiality and discretion, ensuring that the company’s hiring activities remain confidential and that sensitive information is protected.

Flexibility and scalability: Recruitment agencies can adapt to the changing needs and demands of a company. Whether a company needs to hire a single employee or build an entire team, recruitment agencies can scale their services accordingly. They can quickly ramp up or down the recruitment efforts, depending on the company’s requirements, saving the company from investing in extensive internal recruitment resources that may not be needed in the long term.

Overall, partnering with a recruitment agency can help companies streamline their hiring process, access a larger talent pool, save time and costs, benefit from specialized expertise, and ensure a higher quality of candidates. After almost 27 years in the maritime sector, and placing thousands of people in almost 80 countries around the world, Spinnaker makes a great partner of choice!

This article was written by Teresa Peacock, Managing Director Executive Search at Spinnaker. You can get in touch with Teresa via email ([email protected]), telephone +44 (0)1702 480142 or LinkedIn. (

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