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LNG salary levels

Back in January we posted a blog about the LNG market boom, where we explained how those with much-sought-after LNG experience were demanding high salaries. They say if you don't ask you dont get, but it seemed at the time that even if you do ask, you still might not get!

The rumour mill has certainly been working overtime for the LNG sector and it now seems to be accepted wisdom that LNG shipmanagement staff earn and should earn more money than those looking after other vessel types. Spinnaker has been commissioned by one of our LNG shipowner clients to conduct research into this topic. What is the perception vs. reality? Are LNG people really earning more or are they simply talking up the market? If they're not earning more today, is it inevitable that they will earn more tomorrow given the rapidly expanding world LNG fleet and the limited supply of experienced LNG staff?

With that in mind, we're also investigating the need for dedicated LNG experience. Must a superintendent responsible for LNG carriers have sailed on LNG? Are LNG ships really any harder to manage than other vessel types? Is the clamour for experience misplaced? Is it driven by customer demands? Is it realistic or is it inevitable that the supply of skilled and experienced LNG people will run short?

For answers to these and other questions, take part in our research by contacting Amanda James at [email protected] / @SJ_AmandaJ

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