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Crewing salary highlights

The Maritime HR Association has recently starting collecting data for the 2017 salary survey of shore-based shipping-specific professionals. As well as producing detailed salary, bonus and total compensation reports for key roles in the industry, they also provide analysis of the market generally. Here is a summary of what they found among the 2,000 Crewing workforce (just one of the 16 job families) captured as part of the 2016 survey:

  • India and the Philippines remain the main crewing hub for members, with the vast majority of training & development staff as well as Director level Crewing positions based in these key locations.
  • Recruitment positions however are just as likely to be located in Singapore and also feature heavily in the UAE, Germany, Denmark, the UK, Greece and Norway. Salaries vary depending on location, but the chart included here illustrates the premium paid in Singapore (to accommodate for the high cost of living) when compared to India and the Philippines.
  • Shipowners traditionally pay higher salaries to their staff when compared to shipmanagers, and the crewing workforce are no exception. The difference is most significant at the junior / trainee and professional levels, but decreases further up the hierarchy. However, the shipowner data had a much greater presence in Singapore (where higher salaries are paid) and less in India and the Philippines – which is likely to be a major factor in this comparison.
  • Crewing roles with a training & development focus earn more than recruitment roles at the same level. The second chart here shows the margin of difference in India and a similar pattern can be seen in other major hubs where both specilaisms are employed.

HR Consulting have also launched Seafarer Pay Benchmarking this year – open to members and non-members of the Maritime HR Association.

If you want to find out more about this, or the shore-based survey, get in touch with a member of the HR Consulting team at [email protected] or via +44(0)1702 480142.

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