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Feeling uncertain about your future? That’s because you come from the uncertain generation. According to retirement specialist MetLife the so-called U Gen types were born between 1961 and 1981.

MetLife have found that the average 50-year-old man still earns nearly 60% more than the average 50-year-old woman, the earnings gap hitting women’s retirement savings. Just 44% of women aged 50 work full-time compared with 71% of men.  A third of women rely on their partner’s pension with just 22% of women the main income earner.

Either way, U Gens are struggling for financial security and just one in three 50-year-olds believe their earning power has not yet peaked as they enter the crucial period for retirement income planning. Needless to say that if you are part of the uncertain generation and believe your earnings are yet to peak, Spinnaker is here to help!

On a serious note, it’s a real problem. We wonder just how big the pensions and retirement time-bomb really is. Employers can’t afford defined benefits pensions and are generally contributing less to pensions than in the past.

What are your views? What steps are you taking to plan for the future?

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