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Growth in renewables for Scotland and beyond

Interesting news from Scotland has emerged this week, with environmental organisations urging the Scottish Government to implement the target of using renewable technology by 2030, stating half of Scotland’s power can be green by then.

This is of course, fantastic news for people working, or looking to work in the renewable sector, as industry growth means more jobs. We have already seen a 5% increase in jobs within the renewable energy sector from 2015, with more than 8.1 million people worldwide employed within this industry. For example in north eastern Egypt alone, Siemens has announced plans to set up a rotor blade factory in 2017, creating 1,000 jobs.

Almost all countries have renewable energy targets for the upcoming years, with a baseline target in Europe and the US at 20% of power being produced through renewable resources by 2020. This is interesting news for renewable energy in the wake of the announcement that fracking – drilling into the earth to release fossil fuels – has been given the go-ahead in Lancashire, UK. In June 2016, the Scottish parliament voted (just) for a ban on fracking, and when it was announced there was a call from Scottish Labour to develop new sources of renewable energy.

Let’s hope we continue to see and hear such positive growth targets and news within the renewable energy industry. If you would like to know more about the renewable energy job vacancies we have in this sector, visit

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