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katharina stanzels


A BIT late this one, but congratulations to Kathi Stanzel, MD of INTERTANKO, who was awarded the accolade of 2012 WISTA personality of the year.

We must declare total bias on this one, having handled the recruitment process for INTERTANKO when Kathi was hired.

If we’re honest, when the search began, we assumed, as did many no doubt, that INTERTANKO would appoint an obvious type of candidate who would feel like a safe bet for their membership.

But hats off to them. They hired a woman. They hired a younger candidate. They hired a marine biologist. Not an oil company or a tanker owner anywhere on the CV. Of course, Kathi did have 12 years at ITOPF and IOPC as a technical advisor and claims manager, so not only does she ‘get it’ scientifically, she has been at the sharp end of oil pollution and has attended many pollution incidents.

And… her research of coral reef ecosystems around the islands and atolls along the coast of Indonesia resulted in the foundation of one of the country’s National Marine Parks; she has been boarded by and survived a pirate attack in the south-east ocean; she has worked as bomb specialist; set up projects in Algeria, and is a qualified diving instructor. She recently challenged her fear of flying by taking up paragliding.

So, well done Kathi, a deserved honour. And well done INTERTANKO for having the courage to be different and for having made the right decision.

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