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New year, new job?

Contrary to popular belief, December is often a busy time for us – people are thinking about making a change in the New Year – do they really want to stay in their current job for another year? Did that bonus just not cut it in 2017? There’s something about this time of year that causes people to pause and reflect. Luckily, that’s where we come in.

People contact us about a new job but they don’t always know for sure if they’re really looking or why: more like window shopping, seeing what’s out there, trying on an idea of looking for a new job. That’s okay – we’ve all done it. Sometimes making that first step is what it takes to realise “yes – I’m ready for a move.”

Because it’s no small thing, a new job. It’s a big step and shouldn’t be taken lightly. As recruiters, we’re taught when we first begin at Spinnaker that we’re not just placing people in roles – it’s not just about the numbers – we’re playing a part in changing people’s lives.

We have a few pointers to make sure your quest for a new job is as smooth as possible.

The “why?” question

Have you identified why you’re looking for a new job? Are you looking to advance your career, or are you simply looking for somewhere that treats their staff a little better?

The majority of job-seeking candidates we speak to say they’re “looking for a new challenge”. It’s an easy statement to make when you’re on the phone to a recruiter. But what kind of challenge do you mean? And if you’re not challenged now, what do you want from your next role? These are all helpful things to think about before making the leap (and they help us find the right kind of challenge for you).


Shipping is a global industry; we find new roles for people all over the world from Singapore and London to Houston and Dubai – in fact, we’ve placed in over 65 countries. Our industry is described often as ‘nomadic’. Have you considered relocating? If you have, think about where you’d like to go, and what kind of impact that may have on family and friends.

Office goals

Think about the kind of organisation you’d like to work for. Are you looking for a start-up, so you can be there from the beginning? Or are you comfortable being a small fish in a big pond? We have contacts in all types of organisations, from start-ups and SMEs to multi-national corporations.

Be prepared

The most important thing when you’re starting on this process is that your CV is up to date with the most relevant information. In fact, if we have your latest CV on our system, we may get in touch with you about exclusive jobs that aren’t even on our website yet – so it’s definitely worth putting in the time to polish and perfect your CV. Look up our pointers on our website.

Sell yourself – don’t just tell us what you do. Tell us how well you do it.

Our job at Spinnaker Global is to be here for you to help advance your career, improve your job satisfaction, and find you that challenge you’re seeking. If you’re thinking about a move for 2018, get in touch.

David Tubb, Senior Consultant
[email protected] / +44 (0)1702 480142 / SG_DTubb

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