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Meet Martin Crawford-Brunt, CEO of Lookout Maritime and chair of The Maritime People & Culture Conference Sustainability Panel

Martin Crawford-Brunt, CEO of Lookout Maritime and chair of our sustainability panel at the recent Spinnaker Maritime People & Culture Conference, has a passion for advancing sustainability, social and safety outcomes in the maritime industry which improve global prosperity without harming people or the planet.

The energy and digital transformations bring unprecedented opportunities and challenges for modern leaders and an increased need for more diverse teams. Building effective strategies to deliver sustainability/ ESG in the wider sense is extremely challenging. Individuals or executive teams who need to quickly grasp strategic industry issues and test options, in a safe setting without being judged, find our varied experience very valuable in understanding the landscape and perspectives of key stakeholders.

Lookout Maritime exists to accelerate your sustainability journey and impact in an informed, considered and joined-up way. In particular they focus on how to demonstrate improvement in the near term. They are agnostic of the approach and/ or technology selected and offer expert advice on options or scenarios.

Their independence means they are free to collaborate with other experts, companies, and sometime competing stakeholders to deliver the best outcomes for you.

Rather than producing a static report they deliver the most value by working with companies or individuals over an agreed period of time. This normally includes regular contact to suit the client in order to ensure the focus on this strategic area is maintained while allowing busy people to deal with key operational matters.

For those stepping into or preparing for CEO, C-suite or senior roles they offer coaching and mentoring which supports an increase in diversity. They act as an important sounding board for senior leaders who may be new to the maritime industry, supply chain or those given increasing accountability for sustainability outcomes.

To start a conversation on how Martin can help or for more information on his relevant experience please get in touch via;

E: [email protected]

T: +44 758 505 8477


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