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GONG Xi Fa Cai and welcome to the Year of the Tiger, which began this year on Valentine’s Day.
AS it is Chinese New Year and as China looms large in just about every aspect of our lives in shipping (its 2009 exports were recently confirmed at $1.2 trillion!) let’s begin this month by looking at the five necessities of ancient Chinese culture and traditions – food, clothing, housing, transportation and education. 
These elements are the foundation of Chinese society, tradition, and beliefs today. 
But, before we move on, remember that 2010 is also the Year of the Seafarer. We’re never quite sure what these “Year of…” things really mean, but you, me and everyone else reading these few lines rely upon seafarers so let’s hope it proves to be more than just words. One thing that you certainly can do is take part in the 2010 BIMCO/ISF Manpower Study on the worldwide supply and demand for seafarers. As an employer of seafarers or an industry expert, take the time to complete an industry leader or an employer questionnaire. To put your name on the list send an email to [email protected] with your job title and company name.
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