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WOMEN do not wield enough power in the workplace. So say many features on the subject and a radio discussion we heard today suggested that women might use their "erotic capital" to increase their power base. Far from suggesting that women should be sleeping with their male bosses, the participants argued that society has been responding to increasing workplace sexualisation in men and women for decades! It all boils down to appearance and charm apparently and it's tempting to suggest that the words "Erotic" and "Sexualisation" smack more of attracting listeners than anything else. With an election looming in the UK on May 6th, we'll see if the better looking one gets in.

Meantime, if you're a tall woman, we hear that you're likely to earn more money than your shorter female colleagues. As more than 80% of the staff at Spinnaker are women, we checked and found that they're all tall – even the short ones.

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