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seafarers pay benchmarking

Seafarer Employers' Association

HR Consulting at Spinnaker Global is now formally inviting companies to join the Seafarer Employers' Association. This has been set up following great interest in Seafarer Pay Benchmarking.

Spinnaker has designed and developed a product aimed at enabling members to identify the cost of staffing a vessel from the rates of pay for seafarers.

In January 2017, a workshop was run in Copenhagen with a number of interested shipowners / shipmanagers where the initial solution design was critiqued. The Steering Group settled on identifying the daily cost as the best way of comparing companies with each other. This takes into account things such as leave pay and will enable members to identify the cost of employing particular seafarers on particular vessels, whether for a day, a month, a tour of duty, a year etc.

To join the Association and receive the Seafarer Benchmarking Report, all you need do is:

• Submit an application form
• Supply your data (in your own format)
• Have a discussion with Spinnaker on the mapping of your data
• Pay your membership fee (£3,000 for the year 2017/2018)
• Receive and benefit from the report

The report will adhere to US Anti-Trust Legislation and feature the following subject to this adherence:
• All Nationalities
• All Ranks (list available on request)
• All Vessel Types (list available on request).

The report sets out to provide invaluable information to Senior Executives for use when liaising with shareholders, lenders, staff representatives, and authorities. It should also be used by the business (e.g. crewing departments) to decide how much to pay a seafarer (rather than rely on the pay grapevine).

Spinnaker's 20 years of experience in shore-based salary benchmarking is expected to give the market confidence that a seafaring product with equal integrity is here at last! For more information on the Seafarer Employers' Association / Seafarer Pay Benchmarking or to request an application form, please email [email protected] or call +44 (0)1702 480142, asking for Helen McCaughran or Mitch Digby. 

Thank you! Your subscription has been confirmed. You'll hear from us soon.