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Spinnaker is truly global

Truly global

For a company based in the UK, we have done business in many parts of the world. The clue’s in the name – Spinnaker Global – and for twenty one years, we’ve placed shipping people in new roles in a huge variety of locations.

As you can imagine, the usual places we do business in are London, Singapore, Dubai, Houston, Hamburg, Florida and so on, but we often break the mould and go a little further. Did you know, for example, that we’ve placed a candidate in Florø, Norway? Florø (population 8,677) is pretty much equidistant between Oslo, and Lerwick, Shetland. David Tubb, Director of Recruitment, who placed there claims it’s his most remote placement to date.

Recently, consultant Alex Wright placed a candidate in Lewisporte, Newfoundland (population 3,409) – in fact it was a conversation with her about Lewisporte that kick-started this article. Located in scenic Notre Dame Bay, it has been referred to as the “Caribbean of the North” because of its deep water bays and abundance of islands. It has a history of shipbuilding and is home to a deep water port, and was named after Lewis Miller, an enterprising Scotsman (there’s that Scottish connection again!) who operated a logging company in central Newfoundland. After 9/11, transatlantic flights were diverted via Newfoundland, and Lewisporte sheltered and fed many stranded passengers. Its landscape is beautiful – and it’s definitely one of the most unusual places we’ve placed in.

In his early days at Spinnaker, our Director of Recruitment Matthew Cornelius placed General Managers in both Togo and Senegal. Other candidates we’ve placed include an Operator in Santiago, Chile, a crewing professional in Sri Lanka, a Managing Director in Guernsey, and within the last couple of weeks, a legal professional in Libya.

Oliver Mason, Principal Consultant, Technical is definitely the winner for ‘most global placements’ – he has placed in Nigeria, Ghana, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Yemen, Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, Angola, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, New Zealand and Sakhalin, Russia (among many others) in his 8-year tenure at Spinnaker Global.

Not bad for a company based in Leigh-on-Sea, a little seaside town 40 minutes from London (population 22,509), where cockle fishing is our town’s trade, where we have ships going past our window every day.

No matter where you are in the world, we can help businesses with their recruitment plans, and jobseekers with their careers.

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Rachel Morgan, Head of Marketing, Spinnaker Global

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