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Meet Spinnaker at German Ship Finance Forum

Spinnaker is pleased to sponsor of the 16th annual German Ship Finance Forum in Hamburg on 23rd February, organised by Marine Money.

We'll be interested to hear Martin Stopford's latest views, especially following his article [] in Splash 24/7 this month where he was hailed "the world's most famous shipping analyst".

Alex Wright, pictured right, who heads up banking and finance recruitment at Spinnaker, says "It's an interesting time in banking and finance at the moment with so many companies going in opposite directions on the commercial escalators so to speak. We're certainly seeing a pick-up in banking and general finance recruitment activity particularly for senior-level shipping finance roles; various players seem to be positioning themselves for change."

“While cargo may be king, money is the root of all evil,” quipped Spinnaker’s Phil Parry. “The arrival of private equity in the shipping industry triggered the first time the industry has double-over-ordered. So, it’s fascinating at the present time to be involved in debates about what happens next with shipowners and those who represent the sources of funding. Private equity saw the arrival of a lot of investors who knew very little about shipping and we have seen a lot of banks exit the sector. Those who have remained have not been recruiting and training new talent for the last ten years. And those who enter it anew have no existing shipping expertise. That makes it all the more important to hire people not only with shipping knowledge, but also perhaps with a few scars and with the strength of personality and analytical ability to know when not to follow the herd.”

Spinnaker will be represented in Hamburg by Chairman Phil Parry ([email protected]) and Finance Recruitment Specialist Miss Alex Wright ([email protected]). Whether you are a bank, shipping company or other employer looking to build your team, we hope you will confidentially contact us to arrange a private meeting.

If you have not yet registered for the event, contact Andrea Farrison at [email protected].

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