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The Jobseeker's Code

"Sanitising your memory is the name of the game when leaving an old employer"  According to author Robert Kelsey, bad mouthing your former employer is a no-no.

Some of his recommendations may make former employees, particularly those that have been made redundant, grit their teeth a little.

Keeping in contact with former employers is recommended. Tell them how you are doing and offer to help with any handover problems.  Kelsey also says that stocking up on stationery before you go is not on. Of course none of us know anyone who has done this!

It’s all common sense really, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who burn their chances by burning bridges.  An old friend in Cyprus told me last week his father has always lived by the motto: “Don’t kick a man when he’s down.  He might get up again.”  Quite!

If you want help in preparing yourself for a job interview (Don’t turn up in a big old jumper with holes in it for crying out loud!), take a look at the Spinnaker website

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