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"In the new world of work, unemployment is high yet skilled and talented people are in short supply."

So begins a special report of the future of jobs from The Economist (, which makes very interesting reading. 

We talk about this and much more in the annual report of the Maritime HR Forum, which will be published and distributed to the 50 major maritime employers who make up the Forum at the end of this month.  For information on joining them, contact [email protected]. 

Other topics covered include updates on the state of the market, salary data for shore based shipping jobs around the world, an analysis of this year’s bonuses, pay review forecasts and much more.

In the last month, we’ve been in the Middle East, the Far East, at Maritime Cyprus, hanging in Hamburg and all because “skilled and talented people are in short supply”.  And whilst there is a lot of negative sentiment around about the state of the economy, we’re enjoying the robust optimism that abounds in shipping.  Is shipping’s collective head in the sand or are we just natural optimists?  Who knows?  But whilst the world fleet has grown from 800m dwt to 1.35m dwt in the last decade  (wow!) and we’re all terribly worried about over-supply, we know of numerous funds and projects out there lining up to purchase all those lovely under-valued ships.  Good old shipping!

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