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curriculum vitae

Gone are the golden days when a CV was just a list of your qualifications and where you worked previously, aside from making sure that there were no gaps in dates for fear of leading the prospective employer to believe you had been inside for a stretch.

In an interesting story by Recruiter Robert Kelsey, author of 'What's Stopping You being More Confident' he outlines some of the pitfalls of writing your CV. CVs, we can reveal , can show you up to be insecure, or alternatively so full of yourself to be insupportable as a potential employee.

Personal interests seem to be a particularly dangerous area according to Kelsey. Listing horse riding he says may give the impression you are a Sloane ranger while saying you are a DJ may apparently lead to the employer thinking you are out all night and high on illegal substances.

But don't worry, Spinnaker are on hand to help you put only the right things on this precious document. All you need to do is visit our website and see our top CV tips.

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