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Tailor-made salary reports

Did you know that since the 2015 Maritime Salary Report has been released we are able to produce bespoke reports for your company’s exact requirements?

Exclusively for Maritime HR Association members, we are able to use our extensive range of data collected from the Salary Survey to create specific tailor-made reports in a variety of different options.

The types of report can include:

• Localised Data – Look at specific locations in a certain country such as Texas or a combined amount of locations such as New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
• Combined Country Data – This can combine two sets of country data into one report in one chosen currency. For example Hong Kong and Singapore.
• Targeted Peer Group Benchmarking – This type of report allows you to select 5 or more certain members to be included in a data set while still keeping all data completely anonymous.
• Data by Vessel Type – For example this style of custom report allows a company to look purely at roles that work predominately with one type of vessel such as tankers.
• Compa-Ratios – A compa-ratio report allows you to compare your company’s salaries against the rest of the market. These reports allow the requesting company to be included or excluded from the market data and can also be customised by the variations above.

Bespoke reports are priced at £550 GBP for one report and any additional reports are priced at £150.

Reports such as these can allow your company a greater understanding of the HR market creating a competitive edge when attracting and retaining talent. With some of our members requesting a bespoke report annually there is a clear need for such custom data in the maritime industry.

This year’s Salary Survey collected 21,000 pieces of data in 92 countries which is a huge increase from last year and is data that cannot be found anywhere else for the maritime industry.

If you’d like to find out more about ordering a bespoke report and look into the options available then please either email the team at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)1702 480142

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