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golden hind

A voyage through time

History is important to DFDS Seaways – formed in 1866, it's the oldest major shipping company in Denmark, and is still sailing some routes today which were established in the 1800s.

But they've been looking even further back in history and researching some of the most famous ships ever built for their interactive Voyage Through Time

Not limiting themselves to ferries or cruise ships, DFDS have gone all-out investigating some of the most iconic ships in the world, including Drake's Golden Hind – the first vessel to circumnavigate the globe, returning with the equivalent of £25 million worth of treasures.

Also featured is the giant Great Eastern built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel in 1858, it was six times the size of any other ship of the time! It would be 50 years before another vessel claimed the title of 'world's biggest ship' from Brunel’s creation.

Further back in history you can read about the Gokstad which is the best surviving example of a Scandinavian Viking ship. Discovered as part of a burial mound in Norway in 1880, you can still see this 23 meter-long raider/trader at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo.

The more recent ships included are the HMS Belfast and the last royal yacht HMY Britannia, both of which are now permanently moored and maintained as exhibition ships.

You can read about the histories and lives of all these storied vessels, and even listen to recordings of life aboard, on the DFDS Seaways website.

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