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The power of personality

I read recently that Goldman Sachs is using a personality test to help with their hiring decisions. As a recruitment company, we’ve always been aware of such tests. Alongside face-to-face interviews, these kinds of questions can give unique insights into the inner workings of a potential hire; how they think, react, what they’re like under pressure, how they can (or cannot) juggle a workload. If they have a bad day at the interview table, such tests can show extra layers, and it’s something that has been of increasing interest to us.

Goldman Sachs, with over 34,000 employees worldwide, said to Recruiting Times “We’re shifting from a world where you just used to look at a GPA and resume and walk out with a feeling about an individual that you might want to hire. [We] can now capture characteristics and data that might not be as obvious to make smarter hiring decisions.”

Spinnaker Global’s HR consulting division has been delivering Facet5, a personality profiling tool, to bring more awareness of personality traits to the shipping industry which has always been a bit behind the times when it comes to HR practices. HR departments are like a new trend in shipping, an industry which can be both an old boy’s club on one hand and progressive (automated ships anyone?) on the other.

Our personality profiling is perfect for the shipping industry because aside from the usual tests on how flexible we are (will), how much we’re inwardly or outwardly focused (energy), how much we put others ahead of ourselves (affection) and how inhibited we are (control), it also measures ‘emotionality’ or, in other words, how well we react under pressure. In one of the most dangerous industries in the world, where critical decisions have to be made in split-seconds, this is a brilliant way for the industry to get to know the people who will be unflappable.

But it’s not just suitable for those at sea. If you’re in a shore-based role, or particularly if you’re making the move from sea to shore and need help adjusting to the different work conditions, a personality profiling test could be just what you need to be self-aware in preparation for a new role. In fact, we rate the test so much that every Spinnaker employee is undergoing the test with 1-2-1 feedback to follow.

Our bespoke personality profiling starts from just £75, and you can find out more on our website by clicking here

Rachel Morgan, Head of Marketing, Spinnaker Global @SG_RMorgan

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