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WE all know the damage careless online posting can do to one’s career, but now Bibby tell us that obsessive use of mobile technology is damaging our businesses.

Bibby Consulting and Support that is, part of the wider Bibby Group, has been looking into social media and calculates that a firm with 100 staff loses over 16 working hours every day if each person checks texts and, say, Facebook posts for 10 minutes.

The problem does not stop there, Bibby says, because the increasing use of social media means employees are spending too much time considering personal issues rather than their work.

Bibby Consulting & Support's Managing Director Michael Slade, recommends that businesses put in place a social media and IT policy which says that mobiles are not to be used during office hours or only during break periods. Using mobiles when at their desks could mean they face disciplinary measures, and employers should make it clear to staff that online activity has to be work-related and will be monitored.

How does your company deal with the issue, if at all?

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