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13th month salaries

Spinnaker's HR Consulting Services continue to keep tabs on current salary trends within the shipping industry, and this includes the 13th month salary.

A survey conducted in late 2013 looked at whether payment of the 13th month was standard practice in Asia. Sometimes referred to as the 'Annual Wage Supplement', it covered Singapore, India, China & Hong Kong, although at the time only 4 companies reported HK, where the result was split 50/50.

In Singapore, payment of the 13th month still seems to be common practice with the majority of the 14 companies who replied confirming this payment. Of the companies who expressed an opinion, none have plans to move away from this practice. In China the split was 60/40 in favour of paying the 13th month but in India the majority pay 12 months' salary and a discretionary bonus on top.

Do any of you readers get the 13th month salary? We'd love to know your thoughts.

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