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Abandoned crew receive much-needed aid

The crew of the abandoned tanker A Whale, stranded off Suez, were given essential aid by the charity the Sailors' Society.

Due to the highly complex legal case that the ship was involved in, the crew did not know when their situation would be resolved, and were existing on board with very little food and water.

The crew contacted the Sailors' Society, the international charity providing a lifeline to seafarers across the world. The charity heard from the crew that they could not send promised money home to their families, and were anxious that their loved ones would be going without in their wait for those essential wages.

The Sailors' Society then kept up daily contact with the crew, delivered water, and reconnected their satellite communications. And today, with a report from Lloyd's List, we have learnt that the crew will be fully paid and be allowed home, which is excellent news.

If you would like to know more about the work that the Sailors' Society does, visit or follow them on Twitter @SailorsSociety.

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