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Global transport statistics

It is widely accepted that global warming is more than a myth, where across the world, governments are beginning to understand that it is imperative to take action before the situation is too late to remedy. The impacts of global warming and climate change are severe.

It is first important to understand what is causing the problem. There is some controversy on the subject. Some people think that global warming is a myth, and it is a natural part of the planets “life cycle”, which has evidence. However the masses of scientific data strongly suggests human impact dramatically increases the process at an unnatural rate. A major factor contributing to global warming is the burning of fossil fuels, which release carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Global transport's contribution to total carbon emissions is vast. This infographic gives a powerful perspective in real time, such as how many litres of fossil fuels are being used by cars, trucks, and planes. We often forget about the cargo transported by ships and planes. Hong Kong may be a relatively small region of China but its strong trade links mean that vast amounts of air freight travel through its airport every day.

Unfortunately, it is a hard situation to remedy due to the necessity of transport in people’s lives. It’s essential not only for truck drivers and airlines, but almost all industries. Continuous efforts to change our sources of energy from unsustainable sources including fossil fuels, to eco-friendly sources such as wind, solar and biofuels is a step in right direction.

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