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CMA Shipping 2015 – Tradition

Cycles in shipping are tradition. The Connecticut Maritime Association's (CMA) annual conference this year is entitled Tradition: Celebrating the Best, Improving the Rest.

Anyone familiar with international shipping's recurring challenge will acknowledge that some cycle volatility provides for opportunity, and for novelists and dreamers, part of the powerful allure of the industry. But truth be told the amount of money needed to build a VLCC, mega Container carrier, or LNG ship, or a state of the art properly coated chemical carrier is so enormous today and the market risks over a ship's lifetime so complex, and the regulations into which the ship will sail so fraught with repercussion, that some aspects of shipping's storied traditions have to be improved upon. Or at the very least, we must try.

The CMA is international and so the CMA's annual conference and trade show (March 23, 24 & 25, 2015 at the Hilton Stamford) takes a hard look from the practitioner's eye view on the best and painful of the industry's Traditions – from finance, to new building specs, from crew to operational technology. Opinions and ideas from those who are putting their money where their mouths are, whether they be ordering the next generation VLGC, financing a bulk carrier, merging businesses or building a new best way to train crew.

There are just so many moving parts to the industry. However, for those who grasp detail, a measure of control over the huge swings of the cycle is there to be understood and hopefully inform the future. So each year in Stamford, Connecticut, owners, brokers, cargo, money, shipyards, technical wizards and operational experts gather, industry practices evolve, and a striking business emerges, clearly, with some to be celebrated.

We invite you to do a deep dive with us into the challenges of an industry and share the joys of a business where 10, 50, 100, 800 million dollar slugs of capital motivate a talented, strongly opinionated but always fun global community.

Tee up enough business to make the rest of your year! We are here, our entire community is here, to do all we can to assure you do just that. Thanks to everyone for your energy!

Along with our sponsors, exhibitors and speakers, we look forward to welcoming you to CMA Shipping 2015.

Again, please visit to view more on all aspects of the event and to register.


The Connecticut Maritime Association
t: +1.203.406.0109, Ext. 3717
e: [email protected]

Spinnaker Global's Chairman Phil Parry will be speaking at CMA Shipping on a panel discussing 'Our People, Our Future' on Tuesday March 24.

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