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working from home


We're reading more and more about the changing face of office working. Remote working, or working from home, is becoming 'the norm' for many companies. We read that in China, travel agency CTrip saved $2,000 per employee in office costs by having half their workforce working remotely from home.

Those working from home were happier, got more work done in the quieter working conditions, and the ones who performed best chose to stay working from home when given the choice of going back to the office.

Is this way of working finally shaking off its poor image of people working in their pyjamas, watching daytime TV, and taking extra-long lunches?

The world is talking about remote working currently because of Internet giant Yahoo's banning of working from home for all staff. Rumour has it that Yahoo have made this decision because their Chief Executive returned to work just weeks after giving birth, but it's surely wise to keep remote working an option for those who want it? With the world of smartphones and mobile working too, it's easier for people to be on call for work no matter where they are, so it makes sense that some prefer to work from home in peace and quiet but with all the same access to files as being in the office.

It got us thinking; what's your view?

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