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Spinnaker finalist for 'Best Blog'

According to the grand high wizard Google, the term "weblog" was coined in 1997, and the shorter, funkier "blog" was used from 1999 onwards. Since then, "blog" has become both a noun and a verb, and is as popular as people posting photos of kittens, and video clips of pandas sneezing.

Rather than jostling with competitors to get advertorial space in the print press, blogging became a way for companies to get their message across from their own site, straight into people's email inboxes and, later, to be shared on social media – though Twitter was a long way off at that point.

In 1997, not only was the term "weblog" (which now sounds clunky and old fashioned) coined, Spinnaker Global also opened its doors that year. Tony Blair was Prime Minister of the UK. The news was brimming with the shocking news of the death of Princess Diana. Oasis were at the top of the charts, when charts were still a thing. And this’ll make you feel old: Kylie Jenner was born that year.

It's crazy to think how much has changed, but one constant is that Spinnaker Global has always seen the value of blogs. 1997 was relatively early for a recruitment company to have their own website, let alone a blog, but 'Changing Course', Spinnaker's own "weblog" has been running for more than two decades, offering insight into the shipping and recruitment industries. In fact, Changing Course continues to be one of the most popular sections of our website, and our monthly newsletter collating our most recent blogs is received by almost 40,000 shipping professionals.

Now, in 2018, when the term blog has been almost superceded by the influencers’ favourite, “vlog” – there is even a swathe of people for whom vlogging is their actual job – we’re proud to announce that our blog Changing Course is a finalist for ‘Best Blog’ at the Essex Digital Awards.

We don’t look upon these nominations lightly; it’s a competitive world out there, particularly in Essex where it is notoriously entrepreneurial. We’re delighted to be finalists for ‘Best Blog’ when it’s something we’ve put a lot of work into over the years. Twenty years on and it’s safe to say blogs aren’t going anywhere – especially ours.

Rachel Morgan, Head of Marketing, Spinnaker Global.

Tweet Ray at @SG_RMorgan and follow her on Instagram at @spinnaker_rachel

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