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How do we lead sustainable transformation in shipping & maritime?

New In-house and Stakeholder Workshops with K D Adamson

As our keynote and special guest at the Spinnaker People and Culture conference in May, K D Adamson brought us new thinking around digital, people and culture and introduced us to the concept of Sustainable Transformation.

In conversation with Spinnaker Chairman Phil Parry, K D outlined the competencies, business priorities and industry resets companies needed to begin their sustainable transformation. She also pinpointed that the role of HR is critical to making sustainable transformation happen, as HR transitions from a traditional cost-centre to a value creator and partners more deeply with the C-suite.

How we address the sustainable transformation challenge, from ESG to cultural and leadership change was the subject of much discussion on stage in our panels and amongst delegates during breaks. According to K D it is essential that we frame the challenges correctly within our companies, and also reach out to our wider stakeholder ecosystem to align on road ahead.

“When it comes to ESG and Sustainable Transformation these are not things that you can ‘win’ at, they are not zero-sum games, but team sports, and that requires a different approach,” K D explains. “It’s really important that companies gain a solid, working understanding of the key competencies for the future, such as customer-centric innovation, data & digital, the blue, green and circular economies, enterprise and supply chain agility, crafting new cultures and new kinds of leader, but to start transforming the industry it needs to go beyond the company boundary and engage the stakeholder ecosystem.”

Working with Futurenautics, K D has developed the Future Fit programme of workshops which focus on building in-house knowledge, competence, programmes and strategies, and also two new stakeholder workshops which are designed to engage a wider ecosystem of stakeholders.

“The Future Fit workshops cover the key topics that shipping and maritime businesses need to address and they are individually tailored to each company and its objectives. However, if we really want to mitigate risks and capture the opportunities of ESG and sustainable transformation then we have to approach that on a stakeholder ecosystem level,” said K D. “The Ecosystem ESG and Sustainable Transformation Stakeholder Workshops are designed to convene your broader stakeholders, from customers and suppliers to regulators, to align on the challenges, identify priorities and engage everyone to accelerate action.”

Facilitated by K D, the Future Fit and Stakeholder workshops all benefit from her extremely wide knowledge of the shipping and maritime industry and the complexities of both strategic and practical elements of company and industry transformations. If you would like to learn more about the workshops you can visit the Futurenautics website or contact K D directly on [email protected]

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