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There are 3 sources of Happiness, 4 steps in the Journey and 5 Principles.  Sounds simple.

Kencho is one of those words that you thnk you recognise.  Was it a TV programme?  Or was it a fizzy drink?  Wikipedia will tell you it was the 7 years from 1249 to 1256!

To us, it is the art of happiness and is a word plucked from thin air by our good friend Simon Sear, author, IT Director, psychologist, consultant and all round good (and happy!) bloke.

In this new book (buy it online for GBP9.99), Simon pulls together frameworks and processes that focus on the principle that we are who we are and we do well and we're happiest when we concentrate on our strengths and live lives that match our personalities.  HR people, trainers, coaches and those who like self-improvement books will recognise many of the messages in Kencho.  What's great about this book, like the One Minute Manager series, is that it's simple, concise, easy to follow and lacking in self-importance.

Read this book and know yourself, be clear on the things you want to change and achieve and build a plan for your future.  But it's not just about reading books.  As Simon says (that sounds familiar…!) you then have to get on with it.

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