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Lloyd's List goes digital

We read this week that Lloyd's List, the world's longest-published newspaper, will become a completely digital service as of December this year. Since its launch in 1734, Lloyd's List has been one of shipping's most comprehensive resources, with trusted journalism and authoritative analysis and we can certainly vouch for its insights into our niche industry.

The news comes as no surprise as the world accelerates at breakneck speed away from traditional publishing methods. Upon hearing the news from Lloyd's List, our MD Steve commented that while on a London train journey, the vast majority of commuters sat tapping their smartphones and tablets – and that with his laptop he felt old-fashioned!

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the only way is digital, and our social media statistics here at Spinnaker in the past year only clarify this further. Opportunities are no longer "only a click away" – they're a tweet, post, or tap away.

Don't get us wrong, we love reading the papers, but with the way the world is going, digital is king.

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