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Rory Underwood MBE DL – High Performing Teams, Spinnaker Maritime People & Culture Conference 2023

Rory is probably best known for his international rugby career. Not only for scoring a record 49 tries for England but also for winning 6 caps for the British Lions touring Australia and New Zealand. He also spent 18 years as a pilot in the Royal Air Force and was responsible for introducing Human Factors training into the RAF.

A consultant since 1999, Rory combines the wealth of experience from international sport, the military, extreme human achievement and the tried and tested formula of personal and team development to create processes for individuals, teams and organisations to inspire performance. He is an experienced facilitator, psychometric profiler and performance coach.

“How do you know that the teams in your business are performing to the best of their ability?”

“How do you know that the success of your teams is because they are working together or in spite of them working together?”

These are two questions that Rory, has wrestled with for over 20 years whilst successfully helping businesses deal with extraordinary growth, or plan for it. They are the reason he set up Wingman, the high-performance environment specialists and the driving force behind the team’s mission: to make your business success inevitable because of your people, not in spite of them.

Wingman, are uniquely placed to really understand the dynamics at play in successful teams and what it takes to deliver on strategy effectively. Can you think of anywhere where team performance is more intrinsically linked to achieving success, than in elite sport and the military?

Built on Rory’s 12-year background in elite sport including playing International rugby for England and the Lions and his 18 years of flying fast jets in the RAF, Wingman have an unprecedented view and understanding of what great teams can achieve and what it takes to build environments where success and the team’s ability to perform under pressure, are the norm.

Couple that with the whole Wingman team’s experience of successfully applying that learning in multiple businesses, across many different sectors over the past 20 years and you have a very powerful ally to help you deal with the challenges ahead.

Businesses often assume that teamwork will just happen. The truth is, the journey to get everyone to work together and truly understand what it takes to successfully implement a business strategy is far more challenging. In the elite sport and the military, they spend 90% of the time training and 10% doing. In business, it’s usually the other way around. But, with Wingman’s know-how, support and guidance you’ll be able to release the full potential of your individuals, teams and ultimately empower the whole organisation. The result being, you’ll be more effective and will have reduced the drag in your business’s performance, meaning that success will come far more easily in the future.

Hear more from Rory on the importance of High Performing Teams at this year’s Maritime People & Culture Conference on the 11th & 12th May 2023 in London.

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