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Success in Singapore! The Maritime Leadership Development Programme

The HR Consulting team at Spinnaker Global are committed to helping shipping employers manage and develop their people. Last year we successfully launched a Maritime Leadership Development Programme, the first of which was focussed in Singapore and is coming to a close after rave reviews from participants who attended from all over the globe.

I had the pleasure of speaking to one of the participants of this programme – a new build superintendent from BP. Here we take a closer look into his thoughts on the programme:

• Mr Vaibhav Bhuktani was convinced that the pace and structure of the programme was tailored to suit his needs. He came with an open mind, with the intention to improve managerial skills (with a particular focus on transition from sea to shore based roles).

• The programme tactically panned out to a period of 4 ½ months – he felt this allowed ample time to make changes, identify and bridge any gaps and improve communication skills.

• He believes that every employee brings about qualities and work ethics that are embedded within them, and that these should be aligned to the organisation’s Mission, Vision and Values. These qualities are mainly forgotten due to numerous factors; oppressed leadership, quality of delivery, situational adaptability etc. but this programme gave him the opportunity to review these personal attributes and bring them to the forefront.

• Vaibhav had a wonderful time and had singled out praises for the topic which covered critical Leadership Moments and vital behaviours which needs to be readjusted. He was impressed with his individual capabilities and knew that there were gaps which needed coaching rather than fixing. He feels it is equally important to manage conflict and difficult relationships while making though decisions.

• The programme is built around raising individual’s self-awareness, with the coaching element being the differentiator as this ensures that any individual learning is supported with changes in behaviour being emphasised. Too frequently an individual will attend a development programme, understand and learn plenty, but struggle to make the changes required once they are back to the working environment. He feels the Maritime Leadership Development Programme provided him with private help and continued guidance over a defined period.

We hope to encourage more maritime professionals on to our programmes and have launched another in Singapore this September. This will include a pre-assessment using personality profiling, a 2 day workshop in Singapore (27-28 September 2017) and 3 coaching sessions at 6 weekly intervals thereafter. We are excited to report that at this early stage the programme is already over 80% full, with further programmes being scheduled to meet geographical demand.

Do connect with us to find out more and avoid disappointment!

Yusoff Iskandar, Regional HR Manager (Asia Pacific), HR Consulting


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