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Liverpool reawakens

The world’s biggest maritime centres are seemingly caught in a constant struggle for position and pre-eminence. London, with its glitzy Shipping Week, hoovers up plaudits and talent alike, while Singapore and Dubai proclaim their incredible credentials and potential.

While Hamburg, Hong Kong and New York look on, stoking their own fires and desires to be number one. That is the modern world of shipping – the biggest cities soak up new companies, investment and draw in people like moths to a maritime flame.

Such a power struggle means developments elsewhere and the changes, evolutions and occasional revolutions in other cities can sometimes be overlooked. Which brings us neatly to Liverpool…

For the Propeller Club Liverpool, there is immense pride and satisfaction that the city of Liverpool and the local area – from northern wind farms, down the canal to Manchester and Salford, is beginning to buzz once more. There is activity on and besides the Mersey the like of which hasn’t been seen since John, Paul, George and Ringo were larvae.

At the mouth of the river, incredible investment and development has seen a new container terminal take shape. Giant new cranes sit like Imperial AT-AT Walkers waiting not for Luke Skywalker to return, but for ships –lots of them, big ones too. The docks are awash with activity, there are increased shipping movements, and there are companies leading the industry.

Cruise Lines too are now embracing Liverpool. The cruise terminal has brought some of the most iconic ships into the city, and who can have missed the spectacle of three Cunard Queens dancing in the river. Even the ship yards are becoming busier almost by the day. Ships of all sizes are being refurbished, repaired and dry docked, with new builds and apprentices too.

Big companies are flocking to the city, and even the long established are growing and developing constantly. While niche companies are majorly influential players in their respective fields.

So many companies are doing great things, but we can’t ignore the one real asset that makes this all possible. That is the people – maritime professionals, with expertise, qualifications, skills, contacts, ideas and drive – these are the things that make a difference.

It is people, their networks and contacts that separate a city from being just office space, and make it a community. Liverpool is reawakening because its time has come around again. It is growing too because it is a great place to be, to live and to work.

Liverpool is a vibrant, energetic and wonderful city. House prices are comparatively low, while food, drink and entertainment costs are all lower than many other maritime hotspots too. These things matter.

There is even one of the world’s greatest football teams to watch…and a substitute if you can’t get into Anfield. Which reminds us of a song about our cathedrals. If you like golf, well we have that well covered. There is history and culture too – the oldest walled docks, and last wooden British built schooner to name but two attractions. You can’t move for shops, restaurants, great hotels and bars. The place is buzzing la.

More than any of that, forget the ease of commute, the cheaper prices and wages going further. Forget that its just 2 hours down to London on the train, or that Manchester airport connects us locally to the world. The real strength of a maritime city is the sense of community, vibrancy, passion and sense of belonging.

We are biased, but we believe our region is one of the best places to do business, to get a job and to live. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms to our free maritime networking events on the First Thursday of each month – you can find out what all the fuss is about. See to find out more.

Steven Jones
Vice President
Propeller Club Liverpool

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