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Corporate social responsibility – your view

We're interested to know employee views on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). So interested in fact that for every response we have to these questions, we'll make a donation to the OSCAR campaign

CSR is a concept that comes with both positive and negative connotations. Just this year we read in an article about a major corporation being exposed for employing underage workers, that corporations can "talk all they like about commitment to corporate social responsibility" but ultimately it comes down to how well they treat their staff in reality.

There was also the open letter (which garnered 29,000 petition signatures on to the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility of FIFA for choosing an endangered species as their mascot for the Brazil World Cup.

But CSR has a lot of positivity attached to it too. Whatever it's called in a business (CSR, sustainability, corporate governance), it can provide staff with a sense of trust, community participation, and initiatives to engage. Environmental issues are a great example of how companies are striving to provide a sense of ethics and proving to their staff that they care about not only their workers, but the wider world too.

But what does that mean for you as an employee?

1) How would you rate your current company's commitment to CSR on a scale of 1 – 5 (1 being the highest)?

2) Do you feel as though your company simply uses CSR as a box-ticking exercise?

3) Is CSR something that concerns you?

4) How important is a company's CSR strategy to you when moving jobs?

5) Is there a dedicated person responsible for CSR within your organisation? If not, who is responsible?

Please send your answers to Teresa Peacock at [email protected] and we'll make a donation to the OSCAR campaign Dragon Boat Race. Many thanks!

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