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container harbour


AND while we’re doing modern funky things like building mobile websites, we thought we’d embark on a series of App reviews, starting this month with “Harbour Master”, spontaneously raved about by our very own in house model-shipbuilder James Harden during a training session about ports only yesterday.

Taking on the role of a busy harbour master, you manage the docking and unloading of container vessels at a variety of themed ports including smugglers’ reef and cargo city.  Each has their own style and layout and with their own challenges. As vessels enter port you must quickly direct them to a free dock taking into account the speed and size of the vessel and unloading times. The more you unload, the more points you get. Sounds simple until traffic increases and you have to act quickly to avoid collisions, cyclones and pirates!

Get it at the iTunes store, where it’s rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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