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What do you look for in a #perfectjob?

What is it you look for when you seek a new 'perfect' job? Is it a location close to where you live, in order to cut down on the commute time? Or maybe the thought of a solid hour of reading the latest bestseller on the train or catching up on emails seems like a compromise you’re willing to make. Perhaps you want to know that, in these times of uncertainty, your future employer is financially sound and not likely to wobble when the going gets tough.

A recent survey of UK employees showed that in fact, when it comes down to it, us Brits are mainly interested in the cold hard cash. 22% of those surveyed put a competitive salary as the most important factor in their ‘perfect’ job. This is particularly interesting given our recent article on the fact that some employers simply ‘make up’ salaries as they go without much thought for pay policies.

In the survey, other aspects such as good training, flexible working and job security were lower down the scale of importance, with career progression the lowest at 4%. So seeking a decent salary but not bothered about career progression opportunities? We’re not sure that’s in line with our global candidates and what they are looking for. So we’re opening this up to our global readership. What makes you more likely to apply for a job?

We’d love to know your thoughts. Tweet @spinnakerglobal with your #perfectjob qualities!

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