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working remotely

Connecting with yourself and others while working remotely

We are working through unprecedented levels of uncertainty, facing unexpected business challenges and under pressure to work more flexibly than ever before. How are you and your teams responding – are you simply ‘coping’ and do you even know what your new potential is, let alone how to reach it?

Staying motivated

In this time of change, we are going to learn a lot about ourselves.  We will be challenged and tested.  Some of it will feel uncomfortable and difficult. So taking some time to take stock and reflect is crucial for our own mental health and well-being.  Staying motivated and resilient in this changing environment is going to require some changes to our own behaviours. Basically, to embrace this new world on the right footing we are going to need to make a concerted effort.

Adapting to new ways of working

Understanding your own preferred ways of working remotely and how they may need to adapt to suit new ways of the working world could be key. Increased self-awareness can deliver benefits across:

  • Individuals – if people know what their natural strengths are, they can apply them in the right situations. If they are aware of their weaknesses and recognise their emotions, they can acknowledge these and manage how they react in certain scenarios.
  • Teams – raising awareness of why employees approach their work in the way they do, as well as why others may differ (and what this means for the overall team performance) helps pave the way for stronger working relationships and less conflict. Ultimately, self-aware teams are more engaged, more productive and better able to perform as a cohesive unit. And this can only be a good thing for your changing business.
  • Leaders – all successful organisations need great leaders (across all levels), now more than ever. Self-awareness allows leaders to understand their core personalities, preferences and strengths and the impact of those on their leadership style. Knowing when to adapt their style to get the best out of others and/or achieve the business goals will drive motivation, performance and productivity within the business.

Tailored to you

Self-awareness can be quickly and easily achieved through personality profiling tool Facet5. Completion of a simple online questionnaire which you can take while you’re working remotely generates a 17 page report, shared by fully accredited practitioners during a confidential one to one feedback session. This session is tailored to you; a great opportunity to reflect on live business issues and assess ways to tackle them.  A small investment could make a huge difference to your future. Fund yourself or ask your employer to include this as part of your ongoing development. Get in touch via email or on +44 (0) 1702 481660 to find out more. 

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