Personality Profiling

Personality profiling for you as an individual or for your company or team

Gaining self-awareness is the first step on your journey towards self-development. Read on if you are interested in understanding yourself or your staff better and in triggering behaviour change and please complete the form below to make contact with us.

Spinnaker uses Facet5, a personality profiling tool designed specifically for the modern workplace. We use Facet5 because it is a ‘trait-based’ profile, in preference to type-based profiles such as Myers Briggs, which categorise people as one type or another. 

Personality psychologists now largely agree that individual differences in personality are better described by their enduring psychological and behavioural traits than by distinct type categories. The Big5 theory of personality is now widely considered the best way of describing the fundamental building blocks of an individual’s personality.

The Five Facets

  1. Will (determination, assertiveness, independence)
  2. Energy (enthusiasm, sociability, involvement)
  3. Affection (openness, sincerity, warmth, generosity)
  4. Control (structure, order, self-discipline)
  5. Emotionality (stress tolerance, confidence, emotional state)

The fifth of these, emotionality, can be especially insightful in the maritime industry where people often operate in high-pressure situations in which lives and/or large sums of money are at risk. It gives a window into stress tolerance and thereby risk management issues.

As a guide, the cost for an individual Facet5 report including one-to-one feedback from an accredited member of Spinnaker’s team is GBP500 (plus VAT where applicable).

Facet5 can be used in a variety of ways within your business. One of the most popular uses is TeamScape – using behavioural profiles to help teams understand each other, work better together, capitalise upon strengths, (forgive each other!) and build upon team culture and relationships.

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