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Personality profiling

Personality profiling from Spinnaker

Spinnaker uses a unique personality profiling tool designed specifically for the modern workplace, bringing it to the maritime world. Unlike tests which put people into prescribed boxes, Facet5 measures people on the five facets of their personality.

The facets are:

  1. Will (determination, assertiveness, independence)
  2. Energy (enthusiasm, sociability, involvement)
  3. Affection (openness, sincerity, warmth, generosity)
  4. Control (structure, order, self-discipline)
  5. Emotionality (stress tolerance, confidence, emotional state)

The fifth facet, emotionality, can be especially insightful in maritime, an industry where people can be in high-pressure, potentially dangerous situations. Stress tolerance can be measured here, which addresses risk management. Although Facet5’s main factors are distinct sets of character traits, they are made up of a number of sub-facets, so an individual will be able to see how much of each of the factors and sub-factors are inherent in their personality.

Spinnaker offers Facet5 profiling at an individual level, but also can provide company-wide team reviews; once enough individuals within an organisation have been profiled, it becomes possible to pool their data and consider the behavioural patterns that may emerge. Imagine you could gain insight into how likely an organisation is to address conflict? Or to work together? Or support and trust each other?

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