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Leadership development

Leadership development in maritime

Since 2000 Spinnaker has partnered with organisations hungry to unlock their people’s management and leadership potential. Our style is stimulating and passionate and the aim is to have lasting impact.

Leadership development from Spinnaker and t-three incorporates the personality profiling tool Facet5. 

Core focus:

  • Build and improve leadership and management capabilities
  • Identify and grow talent for future leadership positions
  • Energise and engage employees
  • Develop high performing teams

It’s great to talk to someone not connected with daily work.  The whole experience has been amazing.”

As an industry we struggle to spot talent and to develop leadership.  According to our research only one-fifth of employees believe their employers develop their people well or recruit into management roles the people with the best management aptitude.

Effective leadership creates a positive impact on team members – performance, productivity, behaviour and morale. Too often, the reverse is true.

Our programme focuses on participants gaining self-awareness – recognising the benefits and risks of personality style, identifying leadership strengths and challenges, understanding how to mitigate risk, learning how to motivate and get the best from people.

The programme came at the right time for me, transitioning from sea to shore, expanding to a different world where I am not constrained by the limits of the ship.”

The aim of our approach is long-term consistent behaviour. In developing managers of today and leaders of the future, we start by helping them to deepen their levels of self-awareness in the moment and help them to uncover what is happening at that moment which is blocking their progress.

The outcome of this process is more sustained development for participants. It ensures that each individual focuses on their own specific and complex development areas in a way which drills into the underlying cause rather than talking about superficial symptoms.   

The programme is delivered over a 4-6 month period and takes place in both London and Singapore:

  1. Pre-programme personality profile and feedback
  2. Two-day workshop
  3. Three follow-on one-to-one coaching sessions

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