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The Spinnaker interview: Scott Bergeron

Spinnaker loves people – we’re maritime people experts, after all. One of our long-standing colleagues in the industry throughout his career is Oldendorff’s Director of Business Development & Strategy Scott Bergeron, and we caught up with him to hear his thoughts on decarbonisation, the surprises of shipping, and forks in the road…

Q: Why shipping? 
Ever since…once you get a taste for the sea, it becomes hard to resist. I guess it started when I learned to row a boat before I turned 5.

Q: What makes you want to go to work in the morning?
In shipping, anything can happen from one day to the next. Rarely does a day unfold as you expected it to. What could be more exciting?

Scott Bergeron, Director of Business Development & Strategy, Oldendorff Carriers

Q: What is your career highlight? 
I’ve been fortunate enough to have many career highlights.  But one of the more remarkable ones is the arc of my career thus far: starting at the US Merchant Marine Academy where I was indoctrinated into the US flag and Jones Act paradigm, then I became a US Coast Guard inspector involved in reflagging foreign built ships to US flag, then on to working for a successful foreign flag tanker company, before leading the most successful offshore flag and then joining a shipowner where I was able to bring the most modern bulk carrier that the US flag has ever registered. Full circle!

Q: What do you see for the next 5 years?
A very interesting race towards decarbonisation and some unique commercial opportunities for owners and operators that can think strategically.

Q: If you had to buy a ship tomorrow, what would you buy?
One that doesn’t emit GHGs.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge facing the industry today?
Addressing the challenge to decarbonize – this is a global energy issue, but the shipping industry is expected to solve the challenge on our own.

Q: Would you recommend a shipping career?
Absolutely yes.

 A bit about you…

  1. Ketchup or mustard?  Ketchup
  2. Half empty or half full? Half full
  3. Spender or saver? A little of both.
  4. Walk or run? Walking, unfortunately since that ski injury…
  5. What book should everyone read? Founding Brothers by Joseph J. Ellis
  6. Best ever investment? Education
  7. What advice would you give to your 21 year old self? Reach for your goals but realize that forks in the road will come and present opportunities for better goals.
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